Friday, 12 November 2010

Introductory ramblings

I want to start this new blog by declaring that the sole purpose of this blog is to help me grow as a writer. As a student of Journalism, it is important that I grow as a writer and so, it is with this objective in mind that I have started this blog. I might be boring and cheesy alternatively but the one thing I will try to be is a better writer. So........well......LET US BEGIN with my artistic endeavours!!   
It has been a month since I came to England and to be honest, I have been suffering from bouts of homesickness. Autumn is the time of the year when many festivals are celebrated throughout my country. I was told that it is the same here but I had my doubts about the scale of the celebrations. Well, I was mistaken and HOW!!!

My introduction to England started with Halloween on the 31st of October and was followed by the spectacular Bonfire night on the 5th of November. To be honest, I was astounded by the scale of the Bonfire night celebration that I attended in Lewes. The sheer scale of the arrangements made was only topped by the amazing array of processions and fireworks. It was certainly a sight and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bonfire Night- Lewes

All this was in a way a fun way to be beginning my academic year. As a journalist in training, it is probably for the best that I get to know my surroundings. We are told that one of the major tools in our arsenal should be our observational skills, as in, our ability to retain the most from our surroundings.

I think that this is probably the most important skill in the trade as we all know that people are not really forthcoming in communicating with journalists. Interview skills are probably necessary but in my opinion, powers of observation are really the most critical skills to have. Imagine being asked personal questions by someone tactless. It might just put one off communicating.

Anyway I just hope that the coming year might help me polish both these skills. The past couple of days helped me realise how much I seem to miss by just drifting by without a clue. So, new resolution at the beginning of the term –“Try to be more alert and tone down on being utterly clueless”

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