Thursday, 4 August 2011

Weighty Issues

Dear reader, I begin this post by sending out this question - Why do we do some things and why is it that even if our conscience demands it we cannot bring ourselves to do other things?

This question has plagued me for a long time and I donot think that the answer is simple and uncomplicated. Well, I for one am the queen of avoiding all that I might find unnecessary. No.. Really! I can come up with a million reasons to not do a task that I find unpleasant or am just too lazy to do . I have to say that I seriously want to reconsider all the failures that I have had in my life and the main reason behind it: Yes that's right "LAZINESS"

An example of the above mentioned syndrome is the fact... or should I say , the major oath the I took in the beginning of May that I would loose at least 10 Kgs and be Size 0 or Minus or whatever A' La Runway Model. Bit by Bit I kept on with the workout regime and if I say so my self got impressive results. However, one trip to London with all the amazing eating options et al; poof! I bloat up like a baloon. So reader, I confess to being a "Glutton" Yes, your eyes donot decieve you , of all the seven deadly sins , it is gluttony not sloth that I am plagued by! Oh yes, the workout regime was resumed again as soon as I returned but Oh all that sweat and hardwork of the previous few months had gone to the dogs!!!! But hey! indulgence is the way of life and although complicated to digest , it isn't just something that us lesser mortals are prone to, even the gods give in once in a while.

My indulgences in rich comfort food have however landed me back to where I started although I suspect that I may now be a couple of Kgs heavier! But as I gorge on a yummy blueberry cheesecake, I cannot help but rememeber that old cliche "Live life to it's fullest". Hence I lay the issue of my expanding girth to rest...... For a while!!
My dream image...... Sigh!!!!
  Vs My worst nightmare......shudder!!!

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