Thursday, 2 August 2012

Monsoon Memories

Dear reader, I woke up a few days ago to the sound of rain; let me tell you that the sound and smell of rain is one of the most glorious things that God created !!! I swear I love the winter sun, but there is something about a rainy day that makes people think about hot cups of chai or coffee accompanied with Jalebees, pakodas or just some munchies. Everyone I know agrees that rain makes one feel rejuvenated. 

For me rain bring back memories of trees swaying outside my nani's house and the lawns sporting a freshly washed look. My brother, sister and I used to sit on wicker chairs in the veranda out front whilst it poured and sometimes we were joined by an elder who would then entertain us with funny anecdotes. 

If it rained on the way back home from school, it would just be an excuse to get drenched and when taken to task I used to give the classic wide eyed innocent look and explain that I forgot to open the umbrella so it really wasn't my fault.

Rain was always a time to celebrate , a time when I forgot all about my troubles and simply had a great time. Nothing can beat the countless times that I spent dancing in the rain with or without company. I especially liked to jump on puddles in the balcony. 

I get this insane desire to do a Gene Kelly impersonation from singing in the rain or jump into puddles every time it rains! Have you noticed dear reader, that the older one gets the more quirky these desires become? A thought to dwell upon humm??

Anyway, this year is very special because it is my first monsoon in two years! Yes although I was in the 'Land of Rain' England; the rains in 'Incredible Indyeah' are absolutely smashing! :D where else is it a common sight to see children and even those brave few adults dancing in the rain.

The sheer joy with which rains are greeted in our country is uniquely childlike and refreshing. There are of course those buzz kills who groan and complain about the mud, dirt, drainage and yeah...TRAFFIC! Still do we  rain lovers really care? 

Rains have also been the main stay of all the bollywood tamasha through the dacades and yes, even the so called 'arty-farty'movies I enjoy have not been above using rains as a metaphor for something or the other. :P  So, what is the real reason behind all this monsoon madness and the accompanying nostalgia?   

Rains are probably the time when we are most likely to shed our inhibitions and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.It is a time of fun and romance, of crispy hot food downed with cups of steaming tea, a time when we get the urge to listen to melodious music without any real excuse ( I always want to sing old classical melodies or dance to Shubha Mudgal's Ab ke Saawan Aise Barse)   Someone asked me why I associate rain with sound and smell and my answer is that if one is indoors when it rains, the sound and smell of rain are the first to reach the senses.

 Even now, rains fill me with the euphoria I felt all those years that I was growing up.The frocks and rompers have been replaced by shalwars and jeans and the worries about homework with the deadline for the next presentation but every time it rains I still want to leave everything for a while and dance in the rain.

                              The Incomparable Shubha Mudgal!! Perfect for listening in Rainy weather. :)

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