Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Random post about stuff

Dear Reader, I suppose that my silence after the last post was mystifying....I don't know about you but for me it was strange. I am going through the horrible phase that every writer dreads...."Writer's Block" Ugh!!! I HATE it! I haven't been able to write anything...this has been accompanied by a bout of know..the irritating kind where you could be well but you aren't.

So this random post could really be about anything, for instance my life. I lead a really boring life or can I just call it simple? I have an advanced degree in an impressive subject (if I say so myself *winks*) yet, I am still unemployed. I have devised ways and means to keep myself busy like volunteering but, it really isn't the same as having a proper job.

I often get this feeling that I have't really grown up. I haven't had the chance to see the real world! I have travelled a bit, yet I feel like it was all not real. Sometimes, I feel like an observer of my own life. I read somewhere that all of us are the leading men/women of our stories, yet sometimes I feel like a supporting character!

So my question to all the wise souls in the cosmic void is- Do we really know who we are as in 'our inner selves'? I suppose all of us want to have a purpose but do we really know if we have a purpose or are searching for one? 

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