Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Endless wait....

Dear reader I can't help but wonder about LOVE so many times. I want to confess that this important four letter word scares me like nothing else ever has!

It's true! I am a woman in my early 20's and I have never fallen in love. I suppose that it is inevitable for you to even believe it.

You might wonder why I have suddenly turned to this particular topic eh? Well it's very simple, I was watching this movie 'Antaheen' it is one of the most captivating films that I have ever seen. A gripping screenplay and visually stunning, the film draws you in and it is nigh impossible to withdraw.

The story is about the 'endless waiting for love'. It got me thinking about the reality of LOVE. Yes, I know that great writers and poets have also written a lot about love, about how futile and frustrating it is to be in love with someone. Most of the bloggers who are successful and have a great fan following talk about love and their love lives all the time(some of them even base their blogs on the topic). As for musicians, their bread and butter is this powerful yet weakening four letter word.

I just want to state a shocking fact- How many of us actually fall in love with the right person? It is said that only the extremely lucky ones have their love returned. Most of the cases of loving are unfortunately one sided.
So really, why do all of us want to fall in love?

As a single girl, it is irritating for me to be reminded again and again how blissful love is. As a straight and single feminist I find it extremely offensive when people say that all I need is a man to cure me of my ideology! I don't really need a man to feel content or happy!I am happy as I am.

Although, despite my feminist leanings, I love watching romantic films and reading love stories. Does that make me a closet romantic? Maybe! Yet in-spite of having greatly enjoyed 'Bridget Jones's Diary', I am not desperate to have a man in my life like the title character. So I'd like to think that I am practical.

However, I just can't help but wonder about LOVE. Why do we all yearn to be loved? Is the answer really simple? I think not. All I can say for myself is that I am one of those waiting to experience the sensation of being in love. It might be endless in my case or I might strike gold. However, as the famous saying goes "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all".

I end this post with a question for the cosmic void, Is LOVE only an endless wait for the right companion?

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