Monday, 17 September 2012

The one I can't live with or live without..

Dear Reader I'm back!!! I just had to take this break cause really there wasn't much I could blog about...My life these past few weeks have been exceedingly boring and the last thing I want to be is That!

Anyhoo (I love how that sounds! don't you? :P) I'm back and I want to dedicate this post to the one person that is most important for my survival and sanity....Now don't you wan't to know who that person is eh? Well without further ado I'll tell you My Sister. Yeah, I know...I know every one has this special bond with their siblings so it's easy to understand isn't it?

In my case, my sister is kind of the only person who knows how insane I am and tolerates me without asking me to tone it down. We belong to the same age group (although I'm the older one), so we're super duper close but she has always been the mature one. She is  this unique combination of mature, romantic, idealist with the right dash of spunky and fun. In short, she is anything but boring.

We are complete opposites like chalk and cheese ( she is the cheese). Still, I must confess that I am in awe of her. But hey! all that perfection has the downside of being accompanied by A TEMPER and the stubbornness of a bull. Let me tell you dear reader' it wasn't easy growing up with her. She was often the Galahad to my Lancelot; the angel to my devil....She got away with pranks and was totally merciless in her teasing. But she was also my staunch ally and the one to have on my side whenever I was about to undertake something that had the possibility of coming back and biting me on the backside :P 

I loved her and I hated her! I couldn't decide which...I still haven't. She would borrow all my clothes and not let me wear hers in return..Ugh!( it's not the same thankfully). Quarrelling with her was sort of a therapy and there wasn't a single day that didn't end in shared confidences.

I remember talking to her every night after the parents went to bed, we would just talk about soo many things. She had to tell me how her day went (in minute detail). I told her all my secrets. She was witness to all my silliness as a teenager and also the victim of my teenage angst and rebellion. But through all this she stood by me.

We are grown ups now, living in separate continents and with different priorities but she is still my anchor. Like the true north she is to my moral compass, she always manages to be there with me despite the oceans that separate us. We still have that obligatory vicious fight whenever we meet ( we are horrible to each other) but even the act of fighting with her is unique. It's like a sword fight where both the fighters know their opponent's move before it's made.

Why do I love my sister? There are so many things that I can say in answer but all I will admit to is that I love her for just being HER ( I sort of hate certain things about her too!! ) But in the end I wouldn't want to change anything about her. She is just perfect in her way with all her imperfections and the one thing that makes her unique...her Love for me with all my imperfections ! :)  I love you T.

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