Monday, 29 October 2012

Dear Reader, what do you think is the perfect way to spend time when you are at home? Well apart from the obvious like spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the TV.....

I have a confession I am one of those really boring people who reread old novels. Yes! Even the salacious kind!! ;) Right now though I am being a typical girl and spending time 'beautifying myself ' (my father says that).

I was also thinking that cleaning my room would be a good idea but for some odd reason I became lethargic....So, my mother was on this marathon bout of sunday cleaning and she found an old doll that belonged to me (or was it my sisters?) Anyway I don't really remember...We used to call her the ice cream doll  and I don't know why( I had a teddy bear named teddy bear!!). Still, the sight of her battered body brought back so many memories.

Do you go through moments when the sight, smell or taste of something brings back some bittersweet memory? The ice cream doll brought back a whole lot of pleasant ones from my childhood most of them revolving around my sister. We shared almost moment we were the best of friends and just five minutes later we could have been bitter enemies, yet we still liked spending time together. The worst punishment for us was being separated and sometimes the adults did just that....confining us to separate rooms just to keep us out of mischief. 

We could never have imagined that we would live in two separate continents back then. Today, when the world is just a click away and all we have to do is pick up our cellphones to call our loved ones, is physical presence necessary to express love?

For me, nothing can make up for the warmth of my sister's hug or the play of expression on her face when I say something cheeky :) In many ways I do love our long winded telephone conversations (that cost the earth) yet, I miss the gossip imparted in hushed whispers in the middle of the night.

Although...I'll probably never admit it in front of her but the next time we meet, I'll give her an extra special hug for all the ones that I've missed. Still, do we ever want to admit to anything remotely nice about our irritatingly perfect siblings...especially if we are the naughty ones?    

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