Thursday, 22 November 2012

Boredom and Bad Tv

I have been in keen observer mode for the past couple of days, in many ways it could be a a new thing that I could adopt as a way to exist.. Or to be honest, I have been a couch potato.

All in all, I have spent the past couple of days watching TV and basically lying about the house. I have to tell you this dear reader, and I mean it with the utmost respect to all those who like them...TV shows now a days are incredibly silly, in fact they are in some cases borderline ridiculous. Sitcoms, although funny basically seem to be 'Friends' clones about a group of diverse people hanging out in bars/coffee shops etc etc. Dramas are not quite cutting edge, and don't ever get me started on all the shows about vampires, werewolves, witches and other supernatural beings ( these are the ones in which 16 year olds look 26 and behave like they are 36)

So am I really wrong in being irritated about good shows? I confess that I grew up watching Friends, Fraiser, Seinfeld, ( all re-runs but timeless eh? ) I even liked arrested development and yes! Felicity (the first season)

So, we come to the main point of my rant- when one wants to alleviate boredom by watching TV, except there in nothing on that is remotely exciting. There are times when I get this sense of Déjà vu ; like whilst watching a sitcom about the dynamic single blonde woman who has a guy look after her house and kids ('Who's the boss' anyone?).

It is frustrating...really, I mean why watch recycled shows when you can go online or get the DVD of the original, some of which had great actors and were really amazing. 

So on that note I would like to sign off and then go on YouTube to watch the really funny Tim Allen in "Home Improvement".

A golden Oldie

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