Friday, 23 November 2012

in which I am a good old glutton

Dear Reader, I did something my defence, there are times when one can't help but binge on super fattening food. I am a vegetarian and am generally a healthy eater, I run regularly interspersed with bouts of yoga so you get the picture right?

All I can say is that in the past two weeks I have gained a stone!Ok, may be I am exaggerating a bit but really I feel like I have gained weight. I am not one of those females obsessed with their body. I am just a person who likes to be fit.

Now before you start to roll your eyes at your computer screen..oh yes! I know what you are thinking and let me bust that myth once and for all- vegetarians are not necessarily thin! I wish though! But seriously, we can get fat and eat fattening food too or overeat or just binge on one the incredibly yummy sweets  specially those our mothers make.

So you've guessed it, I have a sweet tooth and for the past two weeks have been indulging it.I have tried and tried to stop being greedy but ooh just when I commend my will of iron I am tempted by succulent delicacies that you get only on special occasions probably once a year.

So there you have it dear reader, I am only human and I will have to undergo the torture of extra 30 mins running, all for those 30 seconds of gluttony for what? The chance to savour delicious Indian sweets that are to die for!

To conclude, the festival/holiday season is probably the same for all of us and many indulge their taste buds only to regret later but hey, as I strongly believe- each of us has a will  of iron so the only thing to blame here is obvious isn't it-'The holiday season'.

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  1. Carbs, starches, rich sauces, foods I would never eat any other time of the year...all of these pass between my lips and into my oh-too-full stomach! Whether I prepare for this month long binge eating or pretend I am caught off guard by all these tasty and fattening wonders, I always live with overeater's regret for days after each session.

    It is very much like "falling off the wagon". having a setback in recovery, one step back for a year of many steps forward. I go through the denial, then the "everybody does this during the holidays", then the self criticism and self loathing. I finally own up to what I did and make no empty promises about the "next time" I work my program and climb back on the wagon and hang with my friends that don't encourage lousy eating and get back into the exercise routine I left for the elbow-bending only routine a few short weeks before.

    Is this a true problem or indeed life-threatening? It's all a matter of perspective, and self-perspective is a bit skewered, I've noticed over the years. However, it is a "moment's pleasure" and sometimes in this world and this life there are precious few of those for some folks and far too many for others.

    My plan, dear author of this conversation-starter, is to not judge myself nor others too harshly when we find ourselves feeling uncomfortably "over the line" as far as our eating habits and our waistlines during celebratory seasons. It is after all a "tilted view"! Thaks for your thought provoking topic.

    Another Seasonal Glutton