Monday, 12 November 2012

in which I write this post to avoid an unpleasant task

Dear Reader , I am writing this post in the middle of a marathon bout of autumn cleaning...yeah I am sort of taking a break and I fancied a quick post :)

So what goes through your mind when you clean? I can tell you what goes through my mind....I usually think of these amazing plots for books, the themes for which depend on my mood. For instance it is usually a comic memoir, a suspense/thriller/murder mystery in case I am annoyed or in those rare days that I feel content a romance.

Although, sometimes I am just to preoccupied with my task that I can barely is one of those days when all I can think about is cleaning as quickly as I can in the next couple of hours. I must confess to feeling oddly lethargic about cleaning my bookshelves. You see, I always tend to get distracted by the books...I confess that I have a habit of opening books in the process of rearranging them and the next thing I know; I am halfway through reading it surrounded by stacks of books which should have been on the shelves long ago.

The same thing happens when I clean my wardrobe! Except, I start trying on certain articles of clothing that have been languishing in the dark recesses of the wardrobe.

However today as I sit typing this post I have discovered another source of distraction....the computer. I first spent an inordinate amount of time browsing through facebook and then when I could lolly-gag no more; I began writing this post :P

Thus to conclude I think I have successfully avoided cleaning the mess around me for over an hour and now I must gird myself for the daunting task of cleaning, hoovering, rearranging, polishing etc. :) 

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