Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hello my dear reader, I am sorry but I really don't have anything special to relate......oh wait I have a double attack of the sniffles and the blues in fact I have been so blue I am positively purple which matches my extremely pink and itchy nose...Eeewwww! I hate the common cold I am all tired clingy and weepy and hate the world in general.

I am also not the best person to have around in this be honest I am a huge pain in the arse  (excuse my French). I don't know about you but I always crave endless cups of soup and tea when I am sick and in general want my mum. Since I am at home right now my poor mother has practically become a slave and do you want to know something weird she is ever ready with a supply of tissues, hot drinks and cuddles even when I am absolutely gross.. MOTHERS..they really are the world's most confusing creatures are they not.

Anyway, I am now finished and am signing off for a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. Till the next post...

PS: this post contains nonsense and grammatical errors.    

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