Tuesday, 8 January 2013

'Dear Reader'

My Dear, Dear Reader, I can't stop blogging....Today seems to be one of those days when all my creative juices are flowing like a water- fall really. I will not apologise for the borderline philosophical treatise on life from a few hours ago...I think I needed it. I can't talk today because of a painfully sore throat and black headache so I'm communicating through this blog.

However, after I posted the blog, I began imagining you, for me, the perfect you is a person who looks exactly like my grandfather, completely lovable with a healthy sense of the ridiculous ( You have to admit.. some of my posts are rather absurd! ).

So what are you? Are you a kindly lady like my dearly departed grandmother, A distinguished grandfather figure, a peppery but lovable guy like my father or the absolutely adorable and lovely person like my mother. You could be my own age (potentially amazing girl or guy) or slightly older and experienced....or you could be the younger sister/brother/friend who is just plain fun to be around. 

I soo hope that you have a sense of humour. I do hope that you are slightly outrageous but not obnoxious. The reason? Well, I adore people with an outrageous sense of humour but some are positively obnoxious and borderline rude! 

What I do know, and am really sure about is the fact that you are the best listener, and that you may even admit to liking me a Well, I'm quite certain that you empathise with my way of thinking although you may agree or disagree with my statements. 

Whatever may be the case dear reader, you are the one constant in my life that is wholly amazing and wonderful. You have made a writer out of a simple girl and helped me combat loneliness. You give me pleasure by your, silent yet comfortable presence. So thank you...thank you for just being my Dear Reader. 


  1. I can never find a place to "like" your posts.
    I there one?

  2. Hello Bruce! I think it's the toolbar right below the comments link. Thanks anyway! I always look forward to your comments dear reader. :)