Thursday, 31 January 2013

Questions ....slightly existential in nature

Dear Reader, life teaches a lot of lessons, life is meant to be savoured, each and every moment should be appreciated...Oh, I know that you are probably wondering about my statement...well, I can tell you that most of us have had a rude awakening about the fragility of life in the past few months.

First, (I cringe to mention this) the idiotic news about the 'end of the world', the internet and all those other mindless channels carping awn and awn about how the world would end, because the Mayans had not had the courtesy to pencil in 2013 in their calender (maybe they just ran out of space?). You and I and all those countless people with brains that are bigger than pea-pods, couldn't get further away from all the nutters who actually believed in the Armageddon, although I confess, that for a fraction of a second, I might have attempted to believe it, only in the next fraction to shake my head to avoid such lunacy.

Whilst, most of us had a good reason to laugh at the foibles of all the 'conspiracy theorists', we had a rude awakening in the form of the shooting of innocent school children in the USA and the Delhi Rape case. It made me wonder, if the world as we knew it, was actually worth living in?

Is it really safe to step out of our houses? Should we even get out of our beds in the mornings? Is it actually better to be a maniac depressive than a happy person? I am quite certain, that we have pondered on existential questions at least once, over the past few months.

I found myself asking that old question- 'What has the world come to?' As I currently work in a human rights organisation, I have had the opportunity to research current crisis that we face. It didn't surprise me to find that there has been a steady rise in crimes especially in violence against women and children. The perpetrators are often sociopaths, belonging to perfectly normal family backgrounds.

Some may blame the parents, families, peer groups, some may say that the influx of new technology has made man- a social animal by nature- anti-social. Some may say that brutality towards others especially 'rape' are bred into the minds of children due to cultural norms.

I think that it is a combination of  all the above that may have exacerbated what in my opinion is a social evil world wide. It is therefore necessary to take urgent steps to address this mammoth problem. There must be a debate about healthy masculinity, led by men who are sensitive to the issue. My sister feminists may not agree with this but, to the common 'macho man' it would be more practical to hear a few home truths from their 'brothers'.

We must sensitize ourselves about all our rights, everyone must be made aware about these problems and....forgive this rant....the idiotic statements by ignorant , pompous public/ authority figures should be panned fact they should be gagged as soon as they start uttering their usual drivel.

Seriously though, as a responsible adult, and a young woman, I am going to do my best to sensitize my peers and all those I know about the serious social evil that we face currently. I will also do my utmost to raise awareness about the rehabilitation of those that suffer acts of brutality.   

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