Monday, 28 January 2013

Welcome to the 'Birdhouse'

Dear Reader, I have been so busy! I literally haven't had the time to breathe. The first half of last week was a nightmare. Days were spent filling up this awful proposal document that I had no idea about and then after hours spent slaving on the bloody proposal (because of a stupid deadline), I found the deadline had extended....well it was the pits!

I work with really nice least that's what I thought! However, it turned out that certain individuals are not so nice after all! There are also those who are highly competent, and I quickly learnt that it is they, that  are lassoed into doing others' work.

I think that the office is like a bird-house, there are those birds that immediately catch one's attention...they of the bright plumage that are akin to a show of efficiency. They always seem to be busy and yet on a closer look, they are the ones with the least output, in-fact it is amazing how they manage to get so much work done with such little effort! Then there are the sparrows and wrens; they assist these exotic creatures and are generally the 'dogsbodies', they seldom seem to enjoy their work but manage to get it all done by the end of the day. For them, it is just something they  have to do as a habit.

This brings me to the category of the songbirds.They are generally not of the attention-grabbing exotic variety, in fact quiet plain, but these are the ones who volunteer to do most of the work and seem to enjoy it! They might be of the most nondescript variety, yet they are the most captivating on closer inspection.

The next variety is my favourite. The large birds of prey. They are beautiful,with an elegant plumage, yet they are also dangerous. They are the hawks and eagles in the office, deadly if provoked but magnificent allies who are the most competent of the lot due to their keen intelligence. Nothing escapes their notice as they are sharply observant so it is nigh impossible to hoodwink them.

 Then there are also the scavengers, the scariest of the lot, they are the vultures and buzzards who swoop in and pick at all the pieces, they are deadly and prone be in chronic love with themselves, they are also the firm allies of the flashy, exotic ones and generally leave utter chaos in their wake.

So there you have it dear reader, my observations about a random workplace. Whether you work in a place like the one described above is something that you may have to observe on your own. All I want to say in the end is that through my interactions with all of the above, I have gained an insight into the 'real world'- one that we heard about as students. All I have to do now is determine the category to which I belong!

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