Monday, 10 February 2014

To the best of fathers...

Dear Reader, Fathers, they are the best and the worst….they say that the relationship between fathers and daughters are really special. If I said that my father is perhaps the most interesting man in my life, you’ll roll your eyes …but it’s true!
To say that our relationship is tumultuous, would be an understatement….but behind the bickering, the constant disagreements and the furious silences; lies a love that only a daughter can feel for her father. My father is not my best friend, he is not sweet or even gentle, he is in fact the strongest man I know.

By strength, I don’t mean that he is a physical colossus; it is his mental strength and the strength of his character that inspires me daily. We have had our differences through the years, indeed, there were times that I thought that the differences in our temperaments and way of dealing with things was insurmountable.

Yet there he was, supporting me through the worst times in my life. He gave me strength to take the toughest decisions in my life. I may not be the best daughter in the world but I know that I have a wonderful father, who perhaps drew a short straw when I was foisted on him...But, do you know dear reader, I am glad..I love him for his frowns and his smiles that he tries to hide, and for his morals and his unconditional support....I love you rock..I may not say this often but you really are the best of fathers. J


  1. What a beautiful tribute. I saw from your landing page that perhaps you are participating in the A-Z Challenge? If so, welcome. I am one of your co-hosts, Tina, and I'm here to answer any questions you might have.
    Thank you for stopping by my place today and for your sweet comment.

    Tina @ Life is Good
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  2. Thank you Tina! :) My father liked this too...he doesn't read my blog often but for some reason he read this and he agrees with me...that he's awesome. :P