Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Music, flowers, books....and rain

My Dear Reader, I can't remember the first time I stopped to smell flowers,the first time I picked up the pen to write, or even the first song I listened to over and over again...I cannot even think of the first book that made me fall in love with reading...yet, these are the things that give me the most pleasure. These....and then the rain.

It's that time of the year again, yes! The monsoons are here. The time to fall back under the the spell of mother nature in her many majestic hues is here. So, I have paused, just for a bit to admire the gorgeous gift from nature that is-Rain.    

I have previously written about stopping and taking the time to appreciate the things that really matter. However, I find myself guilty of rushing by the things that give me real pleasure. So, I have resolved to take in the beautiful fragrance of the flowers that bloom during this lovely monsoon season. They seem brighter and more fragrant. I find myself wondering, if it is so because of the life-giving rains or because I haven't noticed their charms for a while.

The pitter-patter sound that the raindrops are currently making on the windowsill, have proved to be an inspiration for me to write this post after weeks of writer's block. Dear reader, I must tell you what a relief it is for me to finally be able to write again. The past couple of  weeks have been trying, as I was unable to retreat into my world and write.

I am listening to a golden oldie whilst I write these words. The lyrics roughly translate to the rain, bringing back the love of your life... Isn't that a wonderful sentiment. Rain brings so many things, melancholy, solitude, pain, longing, bliss and that most powerful of emotions, love.

What better sentiment to dwell upon than love, even if it is unrequited.  A great book that tells the story of love and yearning seems like the perfect companion on this wet evening. When all outdoor activity ceases, the best way to unwind is curling up and retreating into the world of exhilarating words, that remind one of how amazing writers actually are. I can't help but be inspired by the sheer genius that some individuals have of weaving great stories.

So, dear reader, this monsoon do all the things that remind you of why life and her many wonderful moments that are so like the myriad drops of rain, quenching the parched soul with vitality.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

in which I muse about the sheer idiocy of "Writer's Block"

Dear Reader,

Yes it's me...remember me? The opinionated comedy of errors. Well I'm back... I know that all of you are mystified as to why I pulled the old vanishing trick. Well, prepare yourself to be horrified......I had a severe case of writer's block. I mean a BAD one people!!! I now give you leave to be totally sympathetic.

It was horrible my dear reader. I would get all these words in my head, bursting to be put on paper and yet all I could manage was stare at a blank sheet. So basically NOTHING. I couldn't even manage a single coherent sentence.

So many of you are writers out there, some of you are probably ones, whose work I would totally love reading. I am sure that you have faced that loathsome dragon called "Writer's Block". Well, what is it anyway? Is it the sheer frustration of not being able to craft a single sentence from the jumble of thoughts running in one's head?
If yes, then I was indeed plagued by that nasty beast! I wish that I had a way to defeat said beast though....... In a perfect world, writers would never be victims of something as mundane as "Writer's Block"!! By which I mean,  Bleh!!!..........Well, the name itself is soo unimaginative as to suggest that it was definitely coined by a person who couldn't write to save his/her life!

In a writer's world though, if one did have the misfortune to face the despicable beast, one would have dozens of weapons in one's arsenal to trounce the dull creature....Enchanted swords, shields and spheres, magic, spells, the wand of destiny ( thank you J K Rowling! ), or in really fairytale like instance ( where feminism doesn't exist) .... An all powerful handsome prince to do the trouncing on behalf of the lovely maiden who just happens to be a brilliant writer!!!

Alas, in the real world, all one can do is eat ice cream, do all the mundane things that are majorly avoidable. And lament over the loss of many great thoughts and words, that potentially, in one's mind at least could have   been that one successful, publishable idea!

So many event's took place in the meantime, at home and out in the world that I had opinions about. The writer in me iched to put these opinions to paper, being unable to watch these thoughts come to life on paper was torture. I may come across a touch dramatic, but really, the life of a writer would be boring indeed  if not for a healthy dose of drama, real or imagined.  And what could be more threatening or dramatic than "Writer's block" eh?

So, imagine my agony dear reader feel, at least a tiny amount of sympathy. And in case you are a writer like yours truly, empathise, and write back with your tale of woe. Know that here, you'll find a willing and true comrade.