Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dear Reader, I was reading Alexander's Pope's 'Eloisa to Abelard' and now I can't seem to get these lines out of my head so I feel compelled to write them down..

Look at me, my beloved, for it is when you look that I feel alive,
When you burn, I catch, fire
Oh yes, it is when you look at me that I feel alive....
Like Galatea compelled to come to life by the love of her creator Pygmalion....
Look at me my love, for the light in your eyes makes me feel like a work of a Renaissance Master,
Beautiful, yet simple....aloof yet passionate.....calm yet turbulent...Oh yes, just look at me once....just once..
Alas, we are to be apart let me be the Eloise to your Abelard....let me be Isolde to your Tristan...oh let me be...
Look at me my beloved, one last time....let me feel beautiful, desired, loved.....Let me feel human just once before I turn back to stone, before I wither in my bloom, lost forever to my gloom.....The poet who penned these did know a little about parting...So look at me one last time beloved let me see that soft light in your eyes, the one that makes me feel warm inside...although our love will forever be chaste, I feel like I've experienced all the passions love, look at me...oh look at me my beloved, for I love you back.... so,  let me say all that is unsaid through my eyes to yours....
Through my heart to yours.......

Frederick William Burton, Hellelil and Hildebrand, The Meeting on the Turret Stairs, 1864 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

in which I protest against being cyber-bullied

Dear Reader, most of you read my blog through the various groups on Linkedin. I inadvertently got embroiled in a nonsensical debate about 'what we should post onto such public forums. The crusader for propah posts was a lady sitting continents away who pointed out that since she was in the 'Business' of writing, she condescendingly pointed out... 

"This is not the place to recycle blog posts or other communications that are more suited to Facebook or a "witty conversation" Website. Unless your "experiences" have to do with the business of writing, post them on a more appropriate forum. 

The only comment you got on this post was a negative one. That should be a BIG CLUE to you that your audience is not here. Common sense and good marketing skills would seem to dictate that if you want folks to read what you write, go where your audience is. Otherwise you will continue to be ignored. "

Needless to say, the above comment provoked others to speak out in my defence. They assured me that I was not a complete non-entity and that I should post what I wished to. This debate has given rise to a really interesting question...Is freedom of speech and expression in this age of communication a Utopian concept. 

I know that there will always be those who dislike my written works and strongly disagree with my point of view. However, I have deep reservations against those who practice a form of Cyber- Bullying, for example posting rude comments, treating public forums as arenas to humiliate complete strangers continents away, trying to establish hegemony over these public forums, becoming self-appointed arbitrators of content etc.

Bullying in any form is inappropriate and disturbing and I refuse to be cowed down into not exercising this hard won freedom of speech and expression, which in my opinion is a basic human right. 

Writing for me is not a 'Business', the power to write is actually not a luxury than many in my country have, as illiteracy is unfortunately still rampant. Therefore, I feel incredibly privileged to be able to communicate through the written word. Art in any form should be for a purpose, even if it is to make people laugh through a display of wit. Thus the art of the written word is definitely not a 'Business' according to me. 

I also believe in civility towards all, even those who are my critics. However, I take umbrage to the use of such a negative comment on a public forum.I have never in anyway tried to give offence and yet, I have been subjected to such vicious statements by someone who doesn't know me at all. I wonder what caused the lady (who I am sure is perfectly amiable) to dislike me so? 

I confess, that as a self obsessed Journalist-writer I feel smug...You may wonder why? well, my professor at university used to like saying that "every 'Writer worth his/ her salt' should be subjected to vicious criticism and unnecessary controversies, it is what makes them realise the incredible power of the written word, after all the pen is mightier than the sword." 

I suppose, now that I have actually become, dare I say, a 'Writer worth my salt' , I'll be spared hate mail? Alas, dear reader, we do not exist is a utopian world and I'll always commit written faux pas due to my unfortunate penchant for the ridiculous and the absurd. 

Thus the tilted view of the entire brouhaha over a random girl's post on a random public forum is ...Does one really have to be proper and follow all the rules as a writer? As an Argumentative Indian, I'd like to say that had Gandhi followed the rules, he would still be a long-dead moderately successful lawyer in South Africa.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Good conversation is the best cure for a horrible mood

Hello Dear Reader, I have had the most amazing experience yesterday, I met nice people and spent the entire time engaging in witty and intelligent conversation.

I have had the good fortune of meeting interesting people and have recently been quite social. Now even if I generally prefer my own company, I love interacting with people every now and then. Yesterday was one that was really needed after the idiotic weekend. Anyway have you ever noticed how sometimes all we need is a bit of fun.

I confess that I was in a way relieved that I hadn't had the chance to over brood and over analyse the my predicament. I did make sure to drop hints into the ear of concerned parties about the pervy ##$$$@@ accessing my laptop and that's that. Your concern however was touching and I had a laugh at some of your 'innovative' suggestions.

I end with a quote from that genius, Jane Austen from her novel "Persuasion"

“My idea of good the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company." 
Anne Elliot to her cousin Mr Elliot 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

in which a complete stranger invades my privacy!!

Dear Reader, yes, I made the mistake of leaving my laptop in the presence of a complete stranger, who I have discovered to my horror accessed my laptop and saw my private data! What horrifies me most is that he saw some of my private writings meant only for my eyes only.

I didn't realise that the act of leaving my laptop lying around would invite the **&&&### to actually read my private files, one which was saved in a confidential file! I feel violated right now, I feel exposed. In this techno -savvy  age, our computers have become an extension of our personalities, they are the equivalents of personal diaries, one which holds our deepest and most embarrassing secrets - our music, photos, ebooks etc.

You cannot imagine my chagrin at discovering this person's actually having used my laptop, I feel exposed to this intrusive gaze. The fact that he is a man, a person I don't really like, and also that he used the 15 mins of my absence to actually use my laptop without my permission has made me feel really vulnerable.

However, it has taught me a valuable lesson; and I'll NEVER leave my laptop lying about (this happened in my home; but still...). I also wonder at the voyeuristic tendency of certain individuals, what gives them the right to actually violate other peoples'privacy so? I send this question into the 'void'...What are your thoughts dear void?