Friday, 10 January 2014

The pedestrian feminist

Dear Reader, I am not a great thinker, I am just opinionated. I believe that we are all entitled to our opinions, however 'pedestrian' they may be. Also in today's age of information we are perfectly entitled to air our opinions on various platforms of our choice.

Thus when I call myself a feminist, I do not take it lightly, I do so not because it is in vogue. It is something I believe in and I expect to be taken seriously as one. The past week taught me something about principles, hypocrisy and betrayal.

When I called myself pedestrian, I was not being sarcastic, in fact I was congratulating myself on not being the 'model feminist'. My explanation to the above phrase is simple, I refuse to of the major issues I have with certain women who call themselves feminists is that they practice a form of intellectual snobbery that is chauvinist in it's own way....

I am obliquely referring to some 'sisters' who are of a certain age and have been part of the movement for as they put it ....A LONG TIME........there seems to be this silence from young feminists...the fact is that many journals say that they don't really have a voice...the truth is that most of us do have voices, some of us however shy away from coming across as not dedicated enough! Or in some cases (like mine) are not given the opportunity to express our views.

I would thus like to state it clearly on this blog, that I am not ashamed of my views being called pedestrian, by some....if being a 'pedestrian', and 'commonplace' means that I am inclusive and respect the opinions of others even if I disagree with them; then I am proud to be a 'Pedestrian Feminist'. 

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