Sunday, 29 May 2016

Of Thunderstorms and nature's majesty......

It is after 11 on a dark and stormy Sunday night, there is a massive thunder-storm raging outside and finally I don't feel numb; the first time in days, actually. I love thunderstorms. I do. I love it when the lightening lights up every time and then the lull between them, there is this absolute darkness. It is this medley of light and dark. Even the rain smells different.

I have been in a pensive mood lately. Just one of those bouts of melancholia that I tend to suffer from, occasionally, lately I sense myself going numb, when I feel numb. However, this rain made me feel alive. Everything is fresh and free, as if nature is revelling in its very fury.

I love thunderstorms, because they often arrive when I need an outlet. I am not one of those who feel uneasy or are afraid. The feel of the fierce wind and rain on my face feels like a balm. As if it has been sent just to soothe and rejuvenate me.

I remember a time when I was a little girl when I nearly ran out during a particularly fierce one. I was stopped of course but I confess to feeling the urge to run out even now. I know that it is unsafe, but perhaps the very danger calls to me. Which is surprising, because I am a cautious person by nature.

Someone, once told me that thunderstorms appeal to those with mercurial personalities. I feel that they call out to all those who love nature in all her myriad forms. The rain makes me feel so many things, all at the same time. I can sit for hours in solitude and watch it rain. Winter might be my favourite season, but the monsoon especially at it's peak is an event that I wait for with bated breath.

So hello thunder my old friend, I have missed your rumbling booms, hello lightening you shy creature, every time you show your face you light up the sky, hello wind you mysterious thing, perhaps you could stay awhile and hello rain my soothing comrade, I hope you plan to fall more and quench our parched souls.


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