Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Queen of Fiascos!!

Yes, I admit there have been moments in my life when I have been at the summit of success and have felt infinitely important! However, more often than not , such events in my life seem to be followed by periods of complete and utter chaos.

Just when I prove it to myself and the world that I can do no wrong, EVERYTHING I do seems to be wrong!! All the plans and tasks get botched up or end up a disaster. It's true!!

Dear Reader, before you start taking this piece as a tale of woe, let me assure you that all the 'disasters' are my own doing! The result of  my overzealous efforts to top my previous deed. It is just this tendency to overdo a task  on my part that ruins what might have been at least a decent outcome.

I can imagine the puzzled expression on your face and just to make you understand my dire predicament, I give you - 'Tales from the kitchen'. Now just for your information I am a pretty decent cook and I do excel at some of the dishes that I have perfected after hours of 'slaving' over the stove. It's true, that the journey to perfecting such dishes was a hazardous one and involved one too many mishaps... but in the end I managed to perfect the art of preparing the said dishes.

However, my curse of enthusiasm rears it's ugly head and soon, I become engrossed  in 'improving' an already perfect dish. The results, as you may guess are disastrous and if anyone happens to bear witness , then it is at a greater magnitude !! And woe betide if  I emerge unscathed from the fiasco......NO! The tale of my failure has always been a favourite topic of the 'evening's entertainment', bandied about for months if not years as an anecdote that is sure to leave the company in splits. On the occasions when I have been present to hear my tales of woe being retold to a mirthful audience, I have secretly wished for a painful death for the narrator or a swift one for myself. However, as I am a survivor of many such incidents; I have come to believe in an advice that my sister once gave me.... I 'grin and bear it' , as I am sure to top the latest fiasco with a far greater one!!!   
So Dear reader, I leave you now to go to the kitchen as I have a sudden urge to try this new recipe that I discovered on the internet. I fancy that I can add some of my 'innovative methods'. Hopefully the end product will be like the the photo below, so wish me luck!
Onion, marjoram and crème frâiche tart yum!!

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