Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rape of Innocence

Dear Reader, as I write this in the safety of a cosy room just a feet away from my mother, a 23 year old girl is battling for her life a couple of miles away.

On Monday, India woke up to the news about a 23 year old para-med student brutally Gang raped and left to die on a street along with a male friend who was also severely beaten. What made it more shocking was the heinous nature of her injuries which are chilling.

I cannot think of appropriate words to describe this incident. It upsets me to think about it not only as a woman but also as a human being. I am a believer in humanity and our capacity to do good but there are times, especially now when one can't help but question everything one believes in.

First, the news about the death of innocent children gunned down by a killer in America and now the brutal physical, mental and emotional violation of a young girl in her prime have left me shaken.

We can just grieve, discuss, and call for actions against those blots on humanity that caused such pain; yet this look at the ugly face of the humanity is jarring.

I could say a lot about the girl but I won't. Her tragedy has been milked by the money-minded albeit well meaning media as well as various activists and women's groups (some of whom are publicity hungering opportunists), while she lies in that grey area between light and shadow.

The common folk however are out on the streets with candles and banners in a show of support for her family. All we can think of is "it could have happened to one of us".

Thus,all I can now do is pray for her recovery to a higher power and that she may have the strength to live with all that happened to her.


  1. A pound of flesh

    Today I tuned 11
    Only a pound of flesh to sell
    Flesh for food not for pound of cake
    I sold my flesh
    They sucked my blood
    My neurons
    My soul
    Now treated as goods
    With every pound of flesh I sell
    I survive many stories to tell
    Decimated by every client
    Queue of clients like an ant
    Crawl over my body and soul
    There is nothing left…
    Now Synapses of neurons don’t respond
    Even tears don’t roll down
    No hope in this godown
    Now even no flesh left
    Empty skull even skeleton rattles
    Noises muffled in dingy night
    Even Sun does not rise
    Stars do not twinkle
    Windows are closed roads are intertwined
    There is no one in this universe infinite
    I stay in hell on earth
    Where is heaven?
    For heaven even God will ask for pound of flesh
    Today I tuned 12
    But I am dead long time back
    Who am I?
    And Why?
    Whose pound of flesh am I?

    sanjay romsha singh
    (This is based on interview of rescued child. She was picked up from a street of Varanasi and trafficked. She was drugged and taken to various locations Delhi, Mumbai and many unknown places. She was locked in room for many days. She was not given food till she decided to be part of the syndicate.)

  2. What upsets me about any atrocity towards another human being will always be that most acts are selfish in nature. If we would all give more to others, then we would never hear of unspeakable acts. We all have an obligation to fight the good fight to change the world in which we live. It Starts Today!

  3. yes we could give and not seek return. after all if i start counting my blessings i will miss the count. we have no right to harm HIS creatimns.let us live and let live .may the daring girl come to normalcy soon. i pray for her.

    1. She has been moved to Singapore. I just hope that she'll recover and return home safely.