Wednesday, 20 February 2013

In support of trade unions and strikers

Dear Reader, it took me an hour and a half to reach work today! is the first day of the two day nationwide strike in India by the 11 major trade unions of India.

It has been called against disinvestment in Public Sector Units, Foreign Direct Investment in various sectors, including retail, poor implementation of labour laws, and price rise. As expected, transport was the first casualty of the strike and inconvenienced a lot of people, especially in the metro cities.

As one of the 'victims' I found myself grumbling about the crush in the buses and the extra time wasted commuting in the roundabout route to work. Still, I realised that I am and will always be a trade union sympathiser. 

I know that a lot of money will be lost due to the strike and normal life will be invariably affected, but I AM NOT A HYPOCRITE. I support the trade unions. Their demands are legitimate especially their demand to increase the minimum wage rate for the unorganised-sector workers and protesting against the removal of subsidies.

The common man is chafing under the weight of inflation and unethical practices of the ultra-rich. It is time that we rose to protest. Yes, I am at work today and was really inconvenienced, but I will not grumble when my comrades protest against injustice and demand a fair hearing of their grievances. 

I am an Indian, I work, I am political, I know my rights, I protest against inflation, I survive.  

             Portrait: The real scenario!


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    1. Thank You! I will definitely read the blog. :)