Tuesday, 20 August 2013

a mouth full of cake makes the blues go away

Dear Reader, have you ever had a less than perfect day and then something happened to make you smile...just like that? Well, as you may have gathered, I was having a less than perfect day when I suddenly stumbled on to my mother's secret stash of cupcakes.

It was just one of those moments when I went from grumbling psycho to a giddy creature with a one track in; how to devour one, in record time without my mother finding out. Easier said than done.....mum chanced upon me in the middle of the gluttonous deed. It was funny, with a cross between a 'deer in the headlights' and 'guilty' expression, my mouth full of cake while my mother's face bore a comical mix of dismay and outrage.. She then laughed and told me to eat slowly, lest I end up with indigestion. Mothers!!!!

They really are a mix of yoda, a cuddly toy, frenemy,  celebrity chef, pop psychologist, Sherlock Holmes, diva and all the other complex and interesting that I cannot list as that would mean going on for a long time.

I end this post with the confession that I have a sweet tooth. I know that some may find this a serious, debilitating affliction, I, on the other hand just think that my mom makes great sweets and they make me smile. So to all those who are having a bad day, week, month, decade or century..go and have a sweet, 'cause it certainly made my sour day sweeter.    


  1. Who are these wackos who have objections to eating sweets? let's get their names and banish them to some solitary isle. Great post

    1. Well George, my father isn't a fan and he's not crazy! :P But... I really don't get it! :D

  2. Very sweet...and I just love your description of mothers! I'm going in search of some black licorice now...or maybe a gummy bear.