Friday, 21 February 2014

In which I address my serious addiction to books

Dear Reader, there is something really special about reading an interesting book whilst listening to melodious music. It can transport you to another realm, a place full of possibilities.... a place where our imagination reigns supreme....

In my case reading is a way of life, and listening to good music only makes living worthwhile. I don't really need to hear the lyrics, sometimes the melody is enough to take me to that other place...the world of my dreams. A realm in which the memorable characters from my favourite books dwell.

I have a confession dear reader, after I read a good book, I have a hard time coping with reality. I get lost in the language, words which are so beloved to me make everything worthwhile. A good book together with a perfect melody can make me forget all my problems.

In that world, I am able to live a thousand lives, go through numerous adventures, have unique experiences and fulfill all the hidden yearnings that accompany any deeply introspective human being.

We live in a world where we have to wear different masks for the different people and circumstances, our true face always hidden; so much so that sometimes it becomes to recognise ourselves in the mirror...  I believe that books provide us with an outlet for our wandering minds. In my case every time I pick up a book, I get this incredible breath quickens and I feel this sense of anticipation, quite like something one feels before a date with a hunky guy....

Now, I know that you think that I need to seriously get out more, however, can you actually tell me that you don't understand the power the written word holds over us....For some, it is getting lost in lyrical poetry, for others it is reading a robust prose that makes them lose track of time. Who needs the pursuit of the 'perfect mate' when one can just open Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and have Mr Darcy leap out of the pages into one's imagination.... Slaying dragons and having an adventure like Bilbo Baggins is just curling up with Tolkien's ' The Hobbit ' with a warm cuppa and listening to the Kinks greatest hits....

 I could go on and on Dear Reader,  for me reading a good book is akin to stepping inside a complicated maze and then having the most enjoyable time finding my way out. I suppose, I should really own up to the fact that I have a serious addiction to books. So Yes, I admit it...if the accusation of being  a bookworm is one of my many faults, I suppose there could have been worse foibles. I end this post with this thought: remember the last book that engrossed you to a great degree.....Perhaps, you'll understand and encourage this most noble of addictions then eh?      


  1. I think we're the same. There's nothing I love more than reading a good book.
    The reality of them is often a lot nicer than the reality of the real world.

  2. I agree. Books are a wonderful (safe) way of escaping the world. We can create our own reality....

  3. No doubt Good books ignite your imagination and make you understand an imaginary world but they also often make your thinking process nearly unidirectional …but facts of life always keep a distance from fiction