Tuesday, 7 August 2012

In which I am introspective

Dear Reader, I realised something about myself today. I love being alone! I always thought of myself as social I love my friends and also love being around interesting people. But, it turns out that I find myself the happiest when alone. Is it strange to be enamoured with one's own company?

It isn't like I am in love with myself in fact I would describe my feelings as quite the opposite. I am in no danger of becoming Reggie from the Archie's comic books and carry a photo of myself in my purse! 

I would describe my existence as that of splendid isolation, like being separated from the world around me by a wall of glass. I often feel alone, even when surrounded by people. 

I have been described as a chatterbox by many and I do love/hate people. Isn't it strange? I love observing people and I hate what I discover about some. It's true! People always do or say the most unusual and in some cases downright ridiculous things! 

I know that I sound mean, but I love to laugh at other people's folly. However I must also mention that I am the worst of the lot. I am such a bundle of contradictions that anybody would get a headache just trying to figure me out. I am a different person with everyone.....So much so, that even I don't know how to describe myself. I am obsessed with detail and also extremely vague, I have a sunny disposition and also have bouts of black melancholia, I am both kind and cruel, wise and naive, innocent yet jaded. Men would just say that the answer to all these contradictions is that- 'I am a woman!' *major eye roll*

Both my friends and critics have often called me crazy. My answer to that is what is life without a  bit of madness? So, what do you think dear reader am I confused or just flexible? 


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