Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mornings....serene beauty and music

 Dear Reader, it's a little over 5 am on a lovely october morning and there is a nip in the air. My only companions are my morning cup of coffee and the melodious music that I am listening to. As I glance out of the window, I can see the sky turning an interesting mix of grey, blue and orange which tells me that the sun is not far behind.

I just couldn't sleep any longer...for no specific reason and thought that it might be a change to start my day  a couple of hours earlier than usual.There is curious tranquility that one can find only in the morning. In short it is very peaceful in the streets, just before people actually begin to wake up.

Now before you make any assumptions, I have to clarify one important thing: I am no morning person! be fair I am also not a nightbird.... I think that I am something of an evening gal. I like evenings, when the tedious part of the day gets over and the fun and relaxation part starts. Yet today, as I occasionally glance out of the window waiting for the sun to rise, I can't help but admire this particular time of the day. Everything is fresh and new and I can see dew drops on the leaves of the tree outside my bedroom which are shining like gemstones in the morning light.

For most of our generation mornings have lost all their charm. When was the last time you came across a morning person? They are indeed a rare breed. :) Most of us begin our days by hating mornings and rushing through it, in a tearing hurry to start our days during the week and the weekends are for lazy mornings, when we prefer not to get up until we absolutely have to!

So what is so special about mornings anyway? Well as an Indian I have to say that for me it has to do with music. Traditionally, a lot of great musicians practice during the mornings. In Indian classical music most of the upbeat ragas or symphonies are composed to be sung in the morning. In the old days people actually got up early just to sing and compose! :)

I believe that it is but natural for people to begin their day on a high note. If we actually think about it most of us begin our day with music. I listened to music everyday on my way to university in England and people listening to music on the train and bus was a fairly common sight.

However, today my eyes have opened to the quiet, serenity of mornings in my hometown. Like a beautiful painting that one sees everyday and gets used to only to really look one day and discover it's captivating beauty anew.

The sun has just risen and it's my cue to sign off. I am off for a run in the cool fresh air....until the next post dear reader....

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