Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Dear Reader, I woke up today and realised's October!!! I know it might seem like delayed reaction but better late than never eh? It's's October and I am still home ( that could totally be a song ).

Now let me explain about October in Indiyeah (that sounds cool) and this might be a cliché but I love my country...especially in October. Why?? Well it's festival season and also autumn which means winter is not far behind. 

This year is special because I am home. I have a confession...I have been behaving like a five year old for the past couple of days. :) I can't stop hugging my parents which is uncharacteristic because I am generally not the touchy- feely sort but my mom especially is super amazing to hug (that is grammatically incorrect but who cares!)

So, have you ever had the recurring impulse to hug someone? I realise that this sort of behaviour is not like me at all, but I cannot help but remember all those times in England when I was home sick and just wanted a warm hug. 

Yes, you've guessed it...beneath my porcupine exterior, I am total mush, especially when it comes to my parents. It's not like I get on with them all the time; we have these amazingly inconsequential fights. Yet, I still remember missing them so much it hurt physically and am just glad to be within touching distance in case I need hugs :)

Plus I had forgotten how cool it is to go shopping without having to worry about money. Yes! my mother took me shopping yesterday and bought me a ton of clothes! Yay! :D

So now you know the source of my joy!

to be continued....

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